What is the OCG Water platform?

wastewater treatment plant

OCG Water is the leading system for measuring currency of competence in the UK Water Industry.

OCG is a cost-effective solution for water companies wishing to demonstrate currency of technical competence for regulatory purposes and, in the process, identify development needs of personnel. OCG provides the most comprehensive suite of assessment pathways to measure competence on offer anywhere in the UK Water Industry. 

Pathways provide a comprehensive competence structure across the entire function of the Water Industry – including the principal functions of the water cycle, water treatment, water network, wastewater network and wastewater treatment. In addition, OCG assesses competence in key industry support functions, such as ME and I and Operations Control.

Therefore, OCG fully delivers competency assessment for the end-to-end operational activities required by the Water Safety Plan approach for all the steps in a water supply service chain – from catchment to customer.

Learn more at ocgwater.com/ocg-water

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