OCG Water

OCG Outcomes

OCG can provide your company with organisational, management and employee outcomes

Organisational outcomes

> OCG is used to support your staff’s development, rather than being a fault-finding exercise. By understanding their competency in specific areas, companies can make informed decisions of their business priorities based on employees’ results

> It is a cost-effective method for demonstrating competency and compliance for external audit

> Reduces the risk of incidents and non-compliance through awareness and action

> Promotes a culture of competence, compliance and inclusion

Employee outcomes

> Data driven results enable employees to see exactly where they are and what requirements are outstanding

> Ease of use of the system encourages participation and inclusion

> Helps determine appropriate levels of support and development required for staff

> Provides an opportunity to acknowledge high levels of performance

Management outcomes

> Provides a screening system to identify training needs and focus training budget expenditure

> Enables more effective risk management at departmental level

> Subsequently assesses the effectiveness of training received

> Provides a data driven information to aid planning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

> Prior use makes appraisals more focussed and effective

> Helps to identify previously unknown issues amongst employees

> All outcomes and analysis can be centrally managed

> Improves communication amongst employees