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OCG Water


The OCG approach involves two main stages. First is the Development Phase followed by the Implementation Phase

Development Phase

The OCG Development Phase follows seven steps:

  1. OCG professionals work with the client to scope their overall requirements
  2. The client reviews the recommended question ‘Categories’ and constituent ‘Topics’ that will form the specific OCG Pathway
  3. Once agreed, we can then submit a fully priced proposal for the question development and assessment elements
  4. Client approves the scope and content of the proposal and timescales are then planned and agreed
  5. We would then hold a Question Bank review ‘workshop’ with subject matter experts to review and develop an appropriate suite of questions. Amendments and any new material are included at this stage
  6. The Question Bank is signed off by the client
  7. The Areas, Districts and Candidates (employees) are identified by the client

Implementation Phase

The OCG Implementation Phase follows seven steps:

  1. Profiling of candidates to particular ‘Categories’ (this step in the process is explained more when we meet with potential clients)
  2. OCG is configured for the client’s requirements – including access levels, reporting requirements and customisation
  3. The rollout approach is agreed with the client, typically in most companies it involves a piloting element
  4. Assessment papers are produced by OCG
  5. Assessments are conducted and invigilated by OCG
  6. Assessment results are collated and uploaded to the OCG management information system where the client can access through their own portal to see results normally within 24 hours of the assessment being taken
  7. Feedback and review with the client as required