How can OCG Water support regulatory compliance?

Water regulations

Demonstrating competence in a regulatory environment has been an on-going requirement for the Water Industry. 

With the challenges that an ever-technologically sophisticated asset base will undoubtedly present, then operator performance will increasingly be uppermost in the minds of the industry’s leaders and decision makers.

The methodology of basing an audit on existing National Occupational Standards is a key requirement to meet the definition of the Competent Operator. OCG meets this requirement without imposing the need to periodically commit resource to the re-training of the workforce.

More than that, OCG will assist in identifying those areas of shortfall that may require further – and perhaps more focussed – upskilling interventions. By targeting interventions in this way, a water company can demonstrate a key aspect of the audit process – for example by having a plan of remedial activity. This moves the debate closer to evaluating the impact of training.

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