OCG Water


What is OCG?

OCG is a cost effective solution for companies to demonstrate the currency of competence of their employees.

Who is OCG aimed at?

OCG is aimed at companies who have a requirement to measure the competency of their employees against either internal or external measures.

It is a flexible system, which is available for a wide variety of sector areas, including the water industry, healthcare, adult care, child care and financial services – including banking and insurance.

Is it nationally recognised?

Yes – OCG has been successfully deployed in many companies across the UK.

Who developed it?

OCG has been developed by a team with many years’ experience in providing bespoke solutions through the engagement of recognised industry experts.

What sectors is OCG relevant to?

OCG is extremely flexible and can be tailored to a range of sector areas, including the water industry, healthcare, adult care, child care and financial services – including banking and insurance.

For the water industry, OCG has competency pathways covering the full range of Water, Wastewater, Maintenance and Waste Disposal functions.

How does it differ from other assessment tools that are available?

OCG pathways are bespoke to the client’s requirements and can quickly be deployed with minimum disruption and lost time. Assessments can be delivered at work locations.

Do I actually need to be in a specific role in my company to undertake an OCG assessment?

No – OCG assessments are flexible and can be applied to people in existing roles, for career development purposes, recruitment and re-training requirements.

Can I enrol as an individual or do I need to be working for a recognised employer?

OCG assessments are usually carried out as part of an employer’s programme of competency assessment or training needs analysis.

Is it appropriate for people working in the Water Supply Chain, Consultants and Contractors?

Yes – OCG pathways can be developed or customised to suit any role.

Is the assessment Government funded in any way?

No – OCG assessments are usually funded by the client.

How will I be assessed?

OCG assessments are usually carried out at the client’s work locations using a multi-choice assessment paper. This is specifically produced for each individual to reflect the competency requirements of their role.

How long does the assessment last, what is the time commitment and what would my commitment be outside of the assessment?

OCG assessments last up to two hours. For more extensive assessments, two or more papers are used, usually on separate days or with a break between papers.

What are the assessments designed to achieve?

OCG assessments give detailed information on a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the selected categories and topics included in the assessment.

When will it be available?

OCG assessments are available now.

Does my Human Resources department know about OCG?

Many Human Resources and Learning & Development departments are aware of OCG. To request more information on the OCG, please call: 03330 431431 or email: enquiries@ocgwater.com

How do I register an interest?

Please call: 03330 431431 or email: enquiries@ocgwater.com

Will I have to travel to be assessed?

No – OCG assessments can be arranged at locations to suit the client’s requirement.

Can I be assessed online?

No – OCG assessments are paper based, which allows assessment to take place at any location without any reliance on IT equipment and communications.

Will I receive a recognised certificate at the end of the assessment?

Yes – OCG certificates can be issued to recognise achievement of performance.