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OCG is a flexible competency assessment tool, which can be customised for an individual business in any sector area

Measuring workforce competence

OCG is a cost effective, independent and flexible system for measuring the currency of knowledge of your people.

We work with our clients to identify the key roles within their sector and then create competency assessments which are individually tailored to those specific roles. OCG is designed to be as fair and flexible as possible and only selects questions which are relevant to the individual’s job. They will not be asked a question where there is not a reasonable expectation that they would answer it correctly.

The system can be used to assess important areas, such as the health & safety knowledge, legislation and regulation. The results can be used to support a business achieving compliance with statuary requirements.

The results provide a clear picture of the current knowledge and competence of individuals in their actual roles. The assessments are designed to give our clients full confidence in the results presented, which they can then use as a basis for further training and upskilling.

Customisable for any sector

OCG is a flexible system, which can be customised for an individual business in any sector area. It is particularly important for businesses which have to meet regulatory requirements.

Examples include:

> Utilities – water, electricity and gas

> Healthcare

> Pharmaceuticals

> Adult care

> Child care

> Financial services – banking and insurance

> Process industries

> Telecoms

> Building, construction and maintenance

> Food services